Hanover training course

During the last week of March 18-21, the Spring School course “UV/Vis spectroscopic online sensor set-up for microalgae processes” took place in the city of Hanover, Germany. This dynamic training took place mainly at the Institute of Technical Chemistry (TCI) of the Leibniz University of Hanover. The workshop started with the presentations of the ESRs and the latest results on their research work. Then, the training continued with a full-day visit to the headquarters of Sartorious AG, an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, covering the segments of bioprocess solutions and laboratory products and services, based in Göttingen.

The ESRs were also able to attend lectures given by Prof. Bernd Hitzmann (University of Hohenheim), Dr. Dörte Solle and Dr. Patrick Lindner, which dealt with current topics on Kalman-Bucy filters, chemometric analysis (PCA and PLS) and artificial neural networks. In addition to the theoretical lectures, the company PreSens GmbH provided an excellent practical complement with a lecture focusing on the development of optical sensors for biotechnological applications. Finally, the course included hands-on training in the assembly and use of an online UV/Vis sensor, build at TCI facilities, and designed to monitor the growth of microalgae. Of course, each ESR was able to take home the assembled online UV/Vis sensor for use in their own research. We hope you find it very useful for your experiments!