The objective of digitalgaesation project.

The objective of digitalgaesation project is to propose a digitalisation approach to optimising control and operation of microalgae cultivation processes so as to maximise their light conversion efficiency and to drive the sustainable portfolio of microalgae-based processes towards commodities and energy markets.

In this context, the key objectives of the digitalgaesation network are to:

  1. Develop a sound modelling approach at the process scale to describe the dynamics of the photosynthetic phenomena (response to light and temperature fluctuations) and metabolic fluxes that are relevant to an effective automatic control strategy in an industrial environment; and be representative of different microalgae of industrial interest (e.g., Chlorella, Nannochloropsis; and Scenedesmus)

  2. Develop a reliable smart monitoring approach for measuring and/or estimating the biological key performance indicators (KPIs) required for model identification and to support an effective control system (i.e., biomass concentration, cell  concentration and morphology, concentration of intracellular products, physiological state of microalgae, presence of competitors/grazers): new optical online in-situ sensors will be developed as well as AI and machine learning technology for soft sensors development

  3. Develop and implement automatic control strategies in real industrial systems characterised by non-ideal behaviour in the presence of uncertainty, to achieve high level of productivity, and reduce manpower and energy costs while maintaining a constant product quality; we aim at demonstrating that productivity targets can be increased by 50% by implementing the control technology developed by DigitAlgaesation

  4. Train new innovation leaders so that they can acquire the multidisciplinary skills required to make a difference in such a complex and challenging research environment, and to boost industrial potential towards excellence and widespread impact.