DigitAlgaesation Winter School in Padova

The city of Padova, Italy, hosted during the week of February 05-09 the Winter School “Entrepreneurship and Startup” taught by Prof. Moreno Muffatto. The course consisted of 8 modules structured in a systematic and progressive way with the aim of familiarizing ESRs with the world of entrepreneurship and startup development. The workshop was developed in a dynamic way, integrating lectures and group work around a potential innovative business idea.

Concepts acquired included how to initiate the development of a start-up, identifying the characteristics of an entrepreneur, readiness and commitment, initial organizational considerations (relationships, roles and rewards – 3Rs) and identifying opportunities. This was followed by a discussion on analyzing the market (size, potential clients), designing the product or service, creating a business model (Canvas methodology), and estimating costs and revenues. Finally, the workshop focused on finding external financial partners (e.g. angel investors or venture capital) for the development of business ideas and also strategies for negotiating equity with investors. The workshop was very fruitful for the participants!

by Luis Porras Reyes