Microalgal population dynamics related to changes of environmental

Microalgae constitute the basis of life, in a variety of marine and freshwater ecosystems. They are efficient cell factories, the majority operating photosynthetically to turn light energy and atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) with simple inorganic nutrients into biomass. Moreover, they have great potential for the production of industrially relevant high-value products such as proteins, polysaccharides,

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Advanced techniques for model-based experiment design under uncertainty

The use of first-principles mathematical models to describe bio-chemical phenomena is paramount to the effective development of microalgae processes. Model-based design of experiments (MBDoE) represents a valuable tool providing several methodologies that assist the model-building strategy of such complex mathematical models. The objective is to design experiments (or campaigns of experiments) that will provide the

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Sensor technology fusion for on-line monitoring and control

The establishment of algae based production processes for application in different goods such as food, feed, nutritional supplements, medicine, fuel or platform chemicals is increasingly gaining more attention. A main reason for this development might be due to the crescent need to replace conventional industrial processes with more sustainable ways of production.