Digitalgaesation summer school in London

The summer school “Modelling and model development tools” was held in London on the 29th and 30th of June 2023. The workshop was organised by Siemens Process Systems Engineering and Imperial College London and took place in the Hammersmith office of Siemens Process Systems Engineering. During the workshop, the ESRs attended an introductory lecture on the dynamic and steady-state modelling and simulation of process systems, followed by an in-depth analysis of the differential-algebraic equations that describe such systems.

The summer school then focused on the various tools that are essential to the model development process, including sensitivity analysis, model calibration and validation, and model-based design of experiments. In addition to the face-to-face lectures, the ESRs had the chance to apply the presented concepts through practical tutorials using the gPROMS modelling software. The tutorials involved analysing dynamic fluorescence models that are capable of quantitative prediction of the state of the photosynthetic apparatus of microalgae in terms of their open, closed, and damaged reaction centres under variable light conditions.

by Marco Sandrin