University of Padova

Dating back to 1222, the University of Padova is one of the leading Universities in Italy and has a long tradition and consolidated reputation for scientific excellence. Its 32 departments, 40 doctoral degree courses and 44 interdisciplinary research and service centers cover an exceptionally broad research scope.

The University of Padova endorses the Charter & Code principles in order to become more attractive for international top researchers looking for employment and optimal working conditions. The University of Padova was one of the first Universities in Italy and in Europe to be acknowledged with the HR Excellence in Research Award by aligning its policies to the 40 principles of the Charter & Code in 2012. The International Research Office supports researchers who wish to apply for EU-funded research projects. Moreover, the International Research Office of the University of Padova is Euraxess Contact Point.

UniPD is active in research on algae biotechnology thanks to the activity of an interdisciplinary disciplinary group. This collaboration was institutionalized through the foundation of PAR-Lab between the Departments of Industrial Engineering (DII) and Biology (DB), involving ≈ 25 people working on various aspects of algae biotechnology and process design.