TMCI Padovan S.p.A.

TMCI Padovan was founded in 1919 and from 100 years is the reference technological partner for plants and equipment in the beverage industry and food sector. With more than 170 employees, 4 dedicated divisions, 10000 sq.m. of total surface area, 90 operative countries and 5 commercial headquarters around the world, TMCI especially in the last years directed lot of efforts in all fields of R&D with more than 2% of turnover.

Innovation at TMCI opened also to the algae world and from March 2017, among the others, there is an ongoing collaboration with the interdisciplinary PAR-Lab group of the University of Padova for the exploitation of photosynthetic microorganisms at industrial scale.

In particular, TMCI provided to UniPD some pilot photobioreactors (different geometries and volumes: pond, vertical cylinders, horizontal tubulars, panels) in which different marine and freshwater species were successfully grown (autotrophy and mixotrophy) and filtration units to recover the biomass for further utilizations.