The DigitAlgaesation project is managed by the SB, comprised of one representative from each consortium participant, plus 2 representatives of the ESRs. The ReC nominates the ESR members (ESR members may change according to the decision of the ReC).

The digitalgaesation project management structure

The SB is the decision-making body of the consortium for strategic decisions impacting on the project and its external relations, in particular with the European Commission. The SB members shall be duly authorised to deliberate, negotiate and decide on all matters, and all participants must abide by all decisions taken by the SB.

The SB will convene twice a year, typically during network-wide events, to define and review strategic priorities, monitor and review progress made and agree on actions. The SB is chaired by the GC. A full evaluation is conducted, making it possible to cross check all the project milestones and deliverables, and to agree upon any necessary actions. If urgent decisions need to be made, conference calls are organised to draw up action plans. Decisions should be made through a consensus procedure. If not possible, a vote is taken (2/3 majority needed).