Digitalgaesation spring school in Dresden

The spring school “SMART algae reactor design” was held in Dresden (Germany) between 28 and 31 March 2023 and was organised by TU Dresden. The school mainly focused on data collection, data processing, and data exploration. Methodologies and best practices were presented during lectures, and several practical exercises allowed the ESRs to face the challenges associated with data preparation and understanding. The ESRs also had the chance to visit the Bioprocess Engineering Lab at TU Dresden and the microalgae plant at PUEVIT GmbH.

On 31 March, the Digitalgaesation researchers took part in an internal poster session, during which they shared results obtained during the first year of their PhDs through a short pitch presentation and a conference-style poster. The session was followed by the Technical Steering Committee Meeting, the ESR Board Meeting, and the Supervisory Board Meeting.

by Marco Sandrin