DigitAlgaesation Midterm-Check Meeting in Paris

On 27th and 28th April 2022 Paris hosted the Midterm-Check meeting of the DigitAlgaesation project. The goal was to present the first year of training and research activities as well as the management and recruiting process to the European Commission, and receives feedback. It was also the first real opportunity to meet all supervisors and Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in person.

Some of DigitAlgaesation ESRs with project manager Mr. Tommaso Musner.

During the first day, the project Coordinator Fabrizio Bezzo introduced the progress of the DigitAlgaesation project, and the successful start of all ESRs’ individual projects. Following this, the European Research Executive Agency (REA) representative outlined the regulation and management procedures of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks, and the complex organization behind such an ambitious training program. All fifteen ESRs then introduced themselves, their background, and the training, work plan and research updates. They could also discuss with the REA representative about their experiences within the DigitAlgaesation network in terms of current and foreseen training, and supervision arrangements,

In the second day, all beneficiary institutions presented their current research activities and interests, also beyond DigitAlgaesation, in order to make everyone familiar about the expertise and competencies that could be found within the project network. Finally, a visit at CentralSupélec laboratories concluded the event.

The meeting also represented the opportunity to relate with colleagues to boost critical thinking and collaborations with widespread impact. Challenging research topics ranging from the development of engineered strains with higher light conversion efficiency to the design of biofilm rotating photobioreactors stimulated scientific interactions. Lively discussions showed that researchers with different backgrounds (chemical engineering, automation, biology and biotechnology) are crucial to an all-around understanding and development of microalgae technologies from laboratory to industrial scale. ESRs will meet again in Wageningen (Netherlands) in July for a Summer School on microalgae process design.

by Rosaria Tizzani and Fabrizio Bezzo