DigitAlgaesation summer schools

Between 1st and 8th July 2022, Wageningen (Netherlands) hosted the 7th International Course on Microalgae Process Design, organised by Graduate School VLAG in co-operation with Bioprocess Engineering and AlgaePARC (Wageningen University & Research). All ESRs took part in the summer school and had the opportunity to increase their knowledge on the several types of bioreactors

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Modeling microalgae growth: challenges and perspectives

Microalgae growth is highly affected by the light intensity that they receive. Lack of light drives slow growth, whereas over-exposition to strong light can damage certain proteins on the cells and slow down the photon harvesting process. Typically, both conditions are present in photobioreactors: one single cell can perceive low light in the deepest part

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Assessment of light dynamics on growth performance and definition of model- based protocol for algae selection and genetic manipulation

Over the last two decades, microalgae have become an increasingly popular source for the sustainable production of pharmaceuticals, food and feed, and other goods. However, the cultivation of microalgae and the production of valuable products still has limitations that have not yet been overcome. For instance, the cultivation of microalgae in industrial plants compels the

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Microalgae softsensing platform

We published a platform where we discuss possible approaches for microalgae softsensing. We gathered general informations and more specific informations about the different approaches for softsensing. Furthermore we have identified and recruited some experts for the topics, who are willing to give advice in the case of need. This is the link:

Hybrid Modeling Platform for Process Monitoring and Optimization

Microalgae are the principal producers of biomass in aquatic environments, ensuring the survival of life on Earth. They have gained significant attention worldwide due to their vast biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and renewable energy applications. Open and closed photobioreactors (PBRs) are used to cultivate microalgae, which is a complicated method where biological, environmental, and design variables affect

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